Criteria of Good Dog Trainers

Are you looking for good Puppy Colours trainers but getting difficulty in finding them? If you are, it is normal because there are many dog trainers and trainings there. However, you don’t trust them as you like because not all of them are reliable. You will regret and get disadvantages because they will not train your pet well. Besides, there is much possibility that they will torture pet so it will stress out and like biting. This condition will not be good for you and your family because your dog can bite and make you and your beloved ones get serious injury. For this, you must be careful! Make sure that you trust good trainers.


If you don’t know what to do to find good dog trainers, you should know their criteria like mentioned below:

Serve all dog owners optimally

Sometimes, dog owners just want to know or look who dog trainers are and how good condition of classes before making a deal. After doing this, some of them make a deal and some others decide to look for others. However, good dog trainers never dispute this, they remain serving all dog owners optimally whatever they reasons are. Different from bad dog trainers in which they will serve visitors as they like when knowing that they just visit, not to make a deal. If you are not served well when visiting dog trainers, you should not trust them.

Be responsible for all mistakes

Dog trainer is just human being who often does any mistakes. This is no problem as long as there is responsibility. Yup, good trainers will apologize and show their responsible for all mistakes that they did. For example, if they want to train some dogs together and one dog bites another one abruptly so dog gets injury. Knowing this they will treat injured dog as well as possible and apologize to dog owners soon. If they are complained, they will accept it and find good solution to solve this problem. In other hand, if you trust bad trainers, they will never apologize and be responsible for all their mistakes. They blame you or other parties.

Maintain customer trust and satisfaction well

There are many things that can be done by trainers to maintain customer trust and satisfaction well. One of them is training dog optimally so dog becomes smart and obedient. Dog owners definitely feel happy when knowing that their pet is already able to sit, roll, bark, jump, and many more based on command. At least, there is progress from dog after taking training classes. You need to know that there is no instant result when training dog. Trainers need enough time to make your dog better. For this, you have to understand about this and appreciate their work. If you do this, they will enjoy doing their job and do their best to make your dog become a good pet.

Last but not least, good dog trainers offer friendly and reasonable fee for all their services so you will not waste money and feel disadvantaged.

Want to Follow Cat Contest?

cat contest

Do you have a good and smart cat and want to follow a cat contest? If you do, you must prepare your pet as well as possible so your cat can win the contest. Unfortunately, most cat owners don’t prepare their pet well because they don’t know what to do. If you also don’t know what you should and should not do, you should gather and understand related information about cat contest so you know whether your cat is worthy to follow contest. If you are already sure to do this, you should do the following tips:

Maintain cat’s health well

Undoubtedly, the first thing to be seen by juries is cat’s health. If your cat is sick, it cannot do anything because it just sits or lie for a long time. How to maintain cat’s health well? First, you have to feed it regularly, minimum three times a day, invite it to play together, and provide a comfortable cage. Make sure that you give high quality and healthy foods so cat grows up healthily. What if cat deals with any health disorders? If this happens, visit animal clinic or animal care center and ask veterinarian to give best treatments for your cat.

Pay attention to cat’s cleanliness and beauty

If you want to follow cat contest in beautiful category, paying attention to cat’s cleanliness and beauty is a must. You have to look its nails, ears, eyes, and other body parts in detail and make sure that those parts are not dirty and smelled. You are highly encouraged to bath, cut its nail, and clean its eyes and ears minimum once a week. If your cat hair is smelled, give cat shampoo when bathing it. Furthermore, you should not bring your cat outside before following contests so its body is free from dust.

Anyway, if your cat hair is long, comb its hair regularly and make sure that there is no bad hair. What if your cat deals with loss hair? You should ask for suggestion from professional veterinarian so you know what to do. This problems happens because many things. One of them is use of wrong shampoo or low quality of food.

Make cat comfortable during contest

There are many cats which stress out when following contest. This happens because those cats are not comfortable with crowded situation or those are afraid of other cats. When the problem happens, there is a big possibility to fail to follow contest. To avoid getting this problem, you should make cat comfortable during contest. How? Carry and stroke it smoothly. You should also bring it in cold area when taking break and give its favorite foods.

What if you fail to make cat calm down? Don’t force your pet to follow contest anymore because it is going to stress out at last. It is better to bring it at home. Keep in mind that cat is animal which does not have intellection. It does something based on its instinct. For this, if you fail in the first contest, don’t be sad because you have still much opportunity in other contests as long as you take care of and train your cat well.

4 Ways to Take Care of Cat Beginners

Caring for CatsThe cat is an animal that is much favored by the good people of children, adolescents, up to the parents. They love cats because cats are very cute and well packed so that the animals will be easily attracted to this one. If you are among those who love animals cats have you take care of him? Well, for you as a beginner who wants to take care of the cat, here are some ways to take care of the cat:

Provide adequate meals

Cats also are living things that require good nutrition for life. One way to treat a cat is to provide enough food. Give your pet cat food on a regular basis so that healthy cats. Search for cat food indeed that cats get nutritious food. If you are caring for a cat that is still small, then the cat needs more nutrition than adult cats. Although kittens require nutrition that many, but not necessarily make you have to give food to the kittens in an excessive portion. Avoid also to provide food for the dogs to cats.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the body

Many cats seen outside which has a gross body because it is not maintained properly? If you decide to take care of the cat, then in addition you have to pay attention to the food, you also have to take care of the cleanliness of the cat’s body. Get used to bathe a cat so that the cat’s fur cleans. Bathing cats do not need on a regular basis. Avoid also to bathe a cat using hot water as this will make a cat fur was broken and also make the cat irritation. We recommend using cold water to bathe a cat. In addition, you should clean the teeth, ears, and cat nails. In parts it was very vulnerable to dirt and bacteria. Therefore, you must be diligent to clean up on the teeth, ears, and nails. If this is not you clean it can be the cause of inflection and cat diseases.

Teach daily living habits

How to care for cats next is to teach daily living habits. Many ways you can do to teach habits of everyday life for cats. You can begin to teach some good habits of cats, such as going to the toilet, eating, and sleeping. You can teach good life habits of cats, of course, the cat will get used to things that are good. By teaching habits of everyday life, of course, makes the cat well maintained so that the cat will be cleaner. Teach habits of everyday life, just as you teach good habits and healthy. To make the cat more familiar with the things you teach, start to teach from the cat is still small.

Injecting vaccination

This one is no less important for you to do when caring for cats, namely injecting vaccination. Injectable vaccination of cats is highly recommended to avoid viruses and diseases. Do the whole vaccine also must be done regularly. Injecting vaccination should ideally be done the first time at the age of the cat two months with enough weight and good health. Vasin second syringe was made during a month after the first vaccine injections. As for the one which can be done once a year.

So are several ways to care for your pet cat. How to take care of him was not easy enough. Well, what about the cat in your house, already treated yet?

Know about Stress in Cat

kucing mata ijoMost cat owners never realize that their cat is stressing out. They guest that their cat is fine. Realize that if cat stresses out and there is no solution or treatment that is done by cat owners, cat is going to crazy and die sooner or later. If you are a cat owner, do you love your cat? If you answer yes, do you know about stress in cat? If you don’t, read the explanations below:


To know whether your cat is stress or not, the first thing to do is knowing what signs showed by cat when it stresses out are. Check the answer below:

  1. Cat shows aggressive behavior to cat owner or other animals. It usually hisses and scratches when you get it close.
  2. It likes hiding in dark places, like under car and bed, in cupboard and cardboard, and so on. This happens because it is afraid of something.
  3. It does not eat foods that you provide. If it eats, it just eats little foods. This problem is caused by low appetite.
  4. It is pooping as it likes whereas it knows where it should go to take a poop. This is a big deal because your home will be smelled and you will feel uncomfortable.


What makes cat stress out? There are many things that make cat deal with this problem.

  1. Home moving
  2. Long trip by driving car
  3. Food change
  4. Violence (be kicked, hit, thrown, etc.)
  5. Dirty and smelled cage
  6. Fight with other cats
  7. Lost children (female cat)
  8. In cage for a long time

These causes highly influence cat’s mental so it stresses out fast. For instance, if you change its foods, this makes it have low appetite and deal with vomiting or if your cat fights with other cats and it loses, it usually hides because of being afraid.


Visiting veterinarian is the best solution to make cat release stress fast. Nevertheless, what if animal clinic is closed and there is no one who can help you? No need to worry because you can solve this problem by knowing problem cause first. For instance, if your cat starts showing stress signs when going on trip by driving car, you should release it from its cage and massage it smoothly. Let it breathe fresh air so it feels comfortable. If your cat is imprisoned in cage for a long time, release and feed it immediately. Remember to stroke it smoothly so it calms down.

Besides, you are suggested to:

  1. Provide new toys if you often spend most of time outside. This is important to do to make cat able to deal with boredom.
  2. Let your cat spend its time alone. Sometimes, cat does not want to be disturbed. For this, stop inviting it to play. Let it enjoy time alone.
  3. Never stop paying attention to cat by feeding and stroking it. This is a must, especially after moving home that makes cat have to adapt with new environment.

Vaccines for Pets

Vaccines for PetsBefore buying a pet is desired, make sure the financial condition qualified to meet all the needs of the pet later. The need here is not only nutritious food, a comfortable cage, toys, shampoo, a pup, and schools only, but shall give periodic vaccination. What is the vaccination? Vaccination is a way to weaken or kill viruses trigger the disease by injecting the vaccine. Regarding the benefits of vaccination, when appropriate vaccination, the risk behind vaccinations, as well as vaccination costs can read more below!

What is important?

  • Preventing the onset of the disease. There are a lot of bacteria and viruses in animals, although the animals home. This can happen due to a dirty environment, food was not fresh, or so forth. If left unchecked, bacteria and viruses that can lead to various diseases among rabies, mouth and nail diseases, tumors, leptospirosis, and much more. Starting from this condition, it is important to inject the vaccine as an effort to attenuation of bacteria and viruses trigger the disease. This means going to reduce the cost of treatment or pet care because of the potential rarely sick. No less important, the death of a pet because of illness can be minimized.
  • Avoiding infection in humans. Meningitis, an infection of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. If not treated properly, the disease can be fatal. The cause of this disease is the bacteria Pasteurella multocida which can be transmitted through a dog or cat bite or lick. Leptospirosis, a disease that is transmitted from a pet like a dog where headache, chills, vomiting, jaundice, diarrhea, and rash becomes symptoms. The risk of disease transmission can be prevented by vaccination in pets.

When to do?

Vaccination of pets, especially dogs and cats are highly recommended because many diseases that can be transmitted.

Vaccines for dogs do when age

  • 6 weeks to provide Distemper and Parvovirus vaccine
  • 9 weeks to give Parainfluenza and Bordetella vaccines
  • 12 weeks to deliver vaccines Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, and Parvovirus
  • 16 weeks by giving rabies vaccines
  • Age 1 year and repeated every year to give the vaccine Parvovirus, Distemper, Parainfluenza, Hepatitis, Adenovirus Type 2, Leptospirosis and Rabies

Vaccination of cats do when age

  • 6-8 weeks by injecting the vaccine Panleukopenia, calici Virus, and rhinotracheitis
  • 10-12 weeks by injecting the same vaccine when cats aged 6-8 weeks
  • Minimum of 3 months to inject rabies vaccine
  • Repeated every year by injecting the vaccine Panleukopenia, calici virus, rhinotracheitis, Rabies

Are there risks?

Although for the purposes of the pet immune to the disease, but vaccination also can trigger side effects for the pet.

  • Allergies such as convulsions, diarrhea, rash, swelling, itching, difficulty breathing, fast heart rate, etc.
  • Chronic Kidney

If a pet experiencing this condition after vaccination, consult a veterinarian immediately concerned. Generally, there are some restrictions pets after vaccines include:

  • Not recommended bathed for 10 days post-vaccination
  • It is not recommended to bring pets to travel far
  • Avoid of cold and rainy weather
  • Make sure not provide drugs that have not been recommended veterinarian

How much does it cost?

Animal vaccination itself costs generally depends on the type of vaccine is injected. For cat vaccines are divided into three types of them: tricat vaccine at a cost range between IDR 80.000 and IDR 150.000, vaccines tetracat between IDR 170.000 to IDR 200.000, and the rabies vaccine IDR 30.000 to IDR 100.000. For vaccine dogs are divided into three vaccines: Vaccine I for parvovirus approximately IDR 50.000, vaccines II for Parvovirus, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Bordetella approximately IDR 150.000, as well as vaccines III for vaccine 2 plus rabies approximately IDR 160.000.