Want to Follow Cat Contest?

cat contest

Do you have a good and smart cat and want to follow a cat contest? If you do, you must prepare your pet as well as possible so your cat can win the contest. Unfortunately, most cat owners don’t prepare their pet well because they don’t know what to do. If you also don’t know what you should and should not do, you should gather and understand related information about cat contest so you know whether your cat is worthy to follow contest. If you are already sure to do this, you should do the following tips:

Maintain cat’s health well

Undoubtedly, the first thing to be seen by juries is cat’s health. If your cat is sick, it cannot do anything because it just sits or lie for a long time. How to maintain cat’s health well? First, you have to feed it regularly, minimum three times a day, invite it to play together, and provide a comfortable cage. Make sure that you give high quality and healthy foods so cat grows up healthily. What if cat deals with any health disorders? If this happens, visit animal clinic or animal care center and ask veterinarian to give best treatments for your cat.

Pay attention to cat’s cleanliness and beauty

If you want to follow cat contest in beautiful category, paying attention to cat’s cleanliness and beauty is a must. You have to look its nails, ears, eyes, and other body parts in detail and make sure that those parts are not dirty and smelled. You are highly encouraged to bath, cut its nail, and clean its eyes and ears minimum once a week. If your cat hair is smelled, give cat shampoo when bathing it. Furthermore, you should not bring your cat outside before following contests so its body is free from dust.

Anyway, if your cat hair is long, comb its hair regularly and make sure that there is no bad hair. What if your cat deals with loss hair? You should ask for suggestion from professional veterinarian so you know what to do. This problems happens because many things. One of them is use of wrong shampoo or low quality of food.

Make cat comfortable during contest

There are many cats which stress out when following contest. This happens because those cats are not comfortable with crowded situation or those are afraid of other cats. When the problem happens, there is a big possibility to fail to follow contest. To avoid getting this problem, you should make cat comfortable during contest. How? Carry and stroke it smoothly. You should also bring it in cold area when taking break and give its favorite foods.

What if you fail to make cat calm down? Don’t force your pet to follow contest anymore because it is going to stress out at last. It is better to bring it at home. Keep in mind that cat is animal which does not have intellection. It does something based on its instinct. For this, if you fail in the first contest, don’t be sad because you have still much opportunity in other contests as long as you take care of and train your cat well.

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