Know about Stress in Cat

kucing mata ijoMost cat owners never realize that their cat is stressing out. They guest that their cat is fine. Realize that if cat stresses out and there is no solution or treatment that is done by cat owners, cat is going to crazy and die sooner or later. If you are a cat owner, do you love your cat? If you answer yes, do you know about stress in cat? If you don’t, read the explanations below:


To know whether your cat is stress or not, the first thing to do is knowing what signs showed by cat when it stresses out are. Check the answer below:

  1. Cat shows aggressive behavior to cat owner or other animals. It usually hisses and scratches when you get it close.
  2. It likes hiding in dark places, like under car and bed, in cupboard and cardboard, and so on. This happens because it is afraid of something.
  3. It does not eat foods that you provide. If it eats, it just eats little foods. This problem is caused by low appetite.
  4. It is pooping as it likes whereas it knows where it should go to take a poop. This is a big deal because your home will be smelled and you will feel uncomfortable.


What makes cat stress out? There are many things that make cat deal with this problem.

  1. Home moving
  2. Long trip by driving car
  3. Food change
  4. Violence (be kicked, hit, thrown, etc.)
  5. Dirty and smelled cage
  6. Fight with other cats
  7. Lost children (female cat)
  8. In cage for a long time

These causes highly influence cat’s mental so it stresses out fast. For instance, if you change its foods, this makes it have low appetite and deal with vomiting or if your cat fights with other cats and it loses, it usually hides because of being afraid.


Visiting veterinarian is the best solution to make cat release stress fast. Nevertheless, what if animal clinic is closed and there is no one who can help you? No need to worry because you can solve this problem by knowing problem cause first. For instance, if your cat starts showing stress signs when going on trip by driving car, you should release it from its cage and massage it smoothly. Let it breathe fresh air so it feels comfortable. If your cat is imprisoned in cage for a long time, release and feed it immediately. Remember to stroke it smoothly so it calms down.

Besides, you are suggested to:

  1. Provide new toys if you often spend most of time outside. This is important to do to make cat able to deal with boredom.
  2. Let your cat spend its time alone. Sometimes, cat does not want to be disturbed. For this, stop inviting it to play. Let it enjoy time alone.
  3. Never stop paying attention to cat by feeding and stroking it. This is a must, especially after moving home that makes cat have to adapt with new environment.